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  • UK-EC Type Approval

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Become an Authorized Ritchie Service Station

Compass Repair before & afterAs part of Ritchie's continued growth commitment to customer satisfaction and product support, the world's oldest compass manufacturer continues to expand its network of Authorized Repair Stations. Ritchie compasses are designed to be 100% repairable. You may be able to join a network of Authorized Service Stations throughout the world that can handle warranty as well as non-warranty repairs.

Contact E & P Marine for more information on becoming an Authorized Ritchie Service Station.

Voyager and Navigator Compasses Meet the New Wheelmark Standard

Ritchie Wheelmark Standard

MAY, 2011 - Voyager Series Compasses manufactured by Ritchie Navigation have been certified to carry the Wheelmark. This symbol denotes compliance with MED Directive 96/98/EC, the last modification by Directive 2010/68/EC and the following specifications ISO 25862:2009, ISO 613:2002 (E) and ISO 10316:1990 (E).

The extensive product testing and manufacturing process audits were conducted by BSH-Cert at the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency in Germany to assess conformity and production assurance. The Voyager model numbers certified are: F-83-WM, B-81-WM and S-87-WM. The Navigator model numbers certified are: FN-201-WM, FNW-201-WM, DNB-200-WM, DNP-200-WM and DNW-200-WM. Certificates can be downloaded here:

Wheelmark approval is required for magnetic compasses on life boats, rescue boats and commercial vessels in Europe and represents the strictest guidelines for compass quality and performance.

Skylight Binnacle - Originally Manufactured 1920 to 1950

MAR 21, 2011 - The Skylight Models are part of the Ritchie heritage and are sought by owners and producers of classic or traditional vessels. These 6" binnacles are manufactured with the same materials and specifications as the Skylight binnacles manufactured by E.S. Ritchie & Sons from 1920 to 1950.

The Skylight models are available in polished brass and polished chrome finishes. The binnacle encloses the Ritchie Globemaster® 6" compass. Globemaster compasses exemplify the elegance of traditional design and Ritchie's craftsmanship. Special LED green or red power lighting is available in 12V and 24V. Dials can be ordered as 2° with points or 5° without points. Custom manufactured for sale by Ritchie retailers throughout the world.

Removable Daylight Cap Frosted Sunshade Pane Skylight Binnacle- Polished Chrome Finish Skylight Binnacle- Polished Brass Finish Thru-Hull Connection for use with Hose 350 Extra Long Thru-Hull Connection for use with Pipe Seacock - Ball Valve Design 90˚ Curve 834 Seacock - Ball Valve Design 835 Seacock - Ball Valve Design 835 Seacock - Ball Valve Design 834 Extra Long Thru-Hull Connection for use with Pipe Thru-Hull Connection for use with Hose 350 (click on products for specifications)


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