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About Samson

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Samson’s marine products such as mooring, barge, dredge and tug lines are used to tow and secure vessels throughout the world.

New Products

MLX (released 2011) - bridging the gap between regular double braided polyesters and high-tech double braids, MLX is the "missing link" and fits perfectly inbetween cruising and high-tech racing double braids. It has loads of performance without breaking the budget. Core is coated with our Samthane coating and can be stripped back for tapered sheets and halyards.
Control-DPX (released summer 2012) - Utilizing our patented DPX technology, Control DPX is a single braid line that is grippy around winches and cleats, yet moves smoothly through blocks and multiple purchase systems. Very lightweight, strong, low stretch, and comes in 5 colors.
Smooth ICE (released summer 2012) - Smooth ICE is an abrasion resistant cover only composed of Technora/Dyneema/Polyester. Half the price of our Flavored ICE heat resistant cover and plenty of performance.
Xceed-78 (released summer 2012) - designed to meet the extreme loads of super yachts, Xceed-78 is a core-dependent double braid consisting of 100% Dyneema SK-78 core with our Samthane coating and a durable polyester cover.
WarpSpeed (updated fall 2012) - updated with a 100% Dyneema SK-78 core that is Samthane coated so it can be stripped and tapered.
AS-78 (re-released fall 2012) - updated colors and sizing for a broad range of applications in the marine market. Now the same price as our popular Amsteel Blue.

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